Are you looking for your perfect accomodation in your Erasmus to Bilbao?

I don’t rent flats or rooms for the landlords

I search for each student their perfect accomodation

1. Identify the perfect accomodation​

With a survey and a virtual meeting we get to know the perfect accomodation.

2. Searching…

I look for some of the great possible accomodations in Bilbao to give the student a list to choose. After that I visit the flats to give a real review of the places.

3. Arrivals

When the student arrive the paperwork is already done, just have to take the keys and start discovering the city.

4. Departures

I am still here to help if problems arise during the stay or departure.

My solution to common problems​

With my experience most of the problems a student have when they do an erasmus is an overrated price, outdated photos, surprises with the neighborhood, last minute changes… This can be solve with an agency but most of them have common interest with the landlords.
That’s why a local that only works with the student, visit the place and knows the market situation and legislation is the perfect solution to forget about the problems of renting.

Why Choose Me?

We are well-experienced business
professionals with younger minds.​

Passion & Commitment​
Honesty & Openness​
Dedicated Team​
Practical Approach​